Happy Holidays, Draiden!!

Hi Draiden!

How was your thanksgiving? Mine was very good! I had a thankful tree, just like YOU - and I'm very thankful that you are my penpal! 

As soon as Thanksgiving was over, we rushed out to get a Christmas Tree. Do you have a tree yet? 

I think I've been a pretty good boy this year (or that's what my mom says) - I hope Santa puts me on his nice list! I have been watching a lot of Christmas movies - my favorites are: Muppet Christmas Carol, Letters to Santa, and Rudolph! What are your favorite Christmas movies? 

It's finally started to get a little bit cold in Texas. We have a big fireplace and I love helping my mom and dad gather firewood. 

What are your Christmas plans this year? Are you going to have Christmas at YOUR house? We're having Christmas at our house this year (I think My grandparents going to come - I'm excited!) - and a few days after Christmas, we'll have "Friends-Mas" where all of my 'uncles' come over to exchange gifts and watch Christmas movies. 

Bye Bye - I love you!