March - letter to Draiden

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Dear Draiden,

I love you! Thank you for all the amazing treats! 

It’s crazy how different the weather is where you live. I’ve never even seen snow! I would love to play in it (but I bet you are ready for some warmer weather!!)

My dad has been traveling a LOT so we’ve been trying to meet up with him whenever he’s close. He’ll be home for most of the summer, though, so I’m really excited! 

It’s SO awesome how you go to Washington during the summer - maybe someday we’ll visit my grandparents who live there at the same time! We go to Massachusetts every summer for a couple weeks - but that won’t be until August. I’m excited because my favorite museum is there :) 

My mom is going to go on a work trip next week for the first time since I was BORN, so I’m get to spend 5 days alone with my dad (and probably some of my uncles too)! I’ll take lots of pictures of our guy-time. 

I wish you could visit us! It’s warm here, and we could play at the playground every day!



Bixie's favorite things - March edition:

COLOR: green

ANIMAL: star-nosed mole (see below)

FOOD: cheese tacos. bacon. peanut butter peanut butter and more peanut butter. 

TOY: Legos. Marble Runs. Anything having to do with food. Surprise eggs. Stacking Dolls. Obscure Animals. 

TV SHOW: Mister Rogers. BBC Documentaries on MOLES. Planet Earth 2!

MOVIE: Fantastic Mr. Fox, OF COURSE! 


THIS CRACKED ME UP!! (I was so tired of listening!) Excuse the PLATE OF BACON ON THE BED - Bix's mama ;)

PS. **TO DRAIDEN'S MAMA** - I have a client who makes a really beautiful THICK cream lotion (lots of coconut oil, aloe, infused calendula, vitamin e etc.,) She had a crazy accident which led to her needing to use tegaderms for a few months, and this helped her skin deal with reactions to the adhesive. Let me know if you want me to get a batch for Mr. Fox and his ouchy Dexcom sites.