song cycle
baroque instrumentation



We are thrilled to be booking The Passionate Pilgrim for the 2017/18 and 2018/19 seasons. This exciting project could be an anchor in your season, a first step to bringing new music to your audiences, or an opportunity to bring the spirit of adventurous collaboration to the next generation of young musicians. 

Available for performance, lecture, and masterclasses. 

Passionate Pilgrim is an artful, rock-infused song cycle with Baroque instrumentation, co-written by composer- performer collective Oracle Hysterical (Elliot Cole, Majel Connery, and Doug and Brad Balliett). The project is a collaboration between Oracle Hysterical and Juilliard-trained period ensemble New Vintage Baroque. Texts from the album are drawn from The Passionate Pilgrim, a poem cycle once attributed to “W. Shakespeare.” The collection was stripped of its stature when the Shakespearean parentage of all but two poems was revealed to be fake. Here this orphaned cycle enjoys new pride of place, reimagined as a mashup of tuneful chamber-pop

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